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As the spring season approaches, nature begins to magically reawaken from the winter doldrums. Soon, we’re anxious to spend quality time outdoors and for many of us, we’re called to garden. Spring gardening reconnects us with the miracle of life reborn. After all, what better way to get grounded with nature than to literally get our hands dirty in soil?

Now is the time to plan and prepare for the growing season. Here are a few Green Spot tips for early-spring gardening prep.

Clean and Organize your shed or garage.

With the weather still being unpredictable, March is a great time to organize your tools, pots and planters, and other gardening equipment. De-clutter and remove items that have not been used in recent years. A well-organized garden shed makes it easier to grab what you need when you need it.

Clean up flower beds and borders.

Remove leaves and debris that have collected over the winter; clear to the soil. Cut back old dead growth of deciduous grasses before new growth begins. Repair borders where necessary. Spread compost or manure over soil, but do not dig or turn the soil over. Spring is time for the soil’s complex ecosystem to awaken, so it’s best to leave what is happening underneath the surface undisturbed. The nutrients from surface compost will slowly drain below.

Look for drainage issues.

Gardens thrive in well-drained soil. Spring is a good time to assess how your garden soil drains since the winter’s snow and rains have come and gone. Areas where water has puddled should be addressed. If you need help with designing a solution, The Green Spot’s Design Team is happy to help.

Pick up your bulbs and seeds.

Spring is the time to get your summer-flowering bulbs in the ground. It’s also important to start seeds that have a longer growing season, like geraniums, begonias, and peppers. Organize now so you don’t miss out on ideal growing conditions. Our Garden Center staff can help assist you with selecting the right plants for your garden’s conditions and we have all the materials you need to start seeds.

Weed early and often.

Spring’s moist soil makes weeding much more tolerable and easy. We encourage our customers to weed as soon as you see growth because it’s much easier to pull the young plants from the ground. We find weeding to be cathartic and meditative—spending a few minutes regularly in the garden pulling weeds can do wonders for clearing your mind and connecting with nature.

As always, The Green Spot is here to help you with any question you may have. Our Garden Center has an array of organic garden supplies, seeds, plants and shrubs ready to help enhance your home’s Green Spot!