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With spring cleaning in full swing, many are deciding their planting strategy for outdoor gardens, patios and decks. We often get asked about what kind of pottery is ideal for certain conditions and placement. Here are three key questions to ask before selecting pottery.

Is it for inside or outside?

The answer to this question determines which material you can consider. Terra Cotta, fiber blends and many ceramics or clays cannot survive the freezing temperatures during winter months. If a pot with excessive water fluctuates between freezing and thawing throughout the winter, it will most likely crack or break. Sometimes, metal, concrete and stone planters can be the best choices for outside needs. Inside pots can be composed of any material but outside planters need to be selected with care if you ensure they last for several years. Make sure to store your outside planters in a shed or garage to maximize their longevity.,

Drainage or No-Drainage hole in a pot?

Drainage is typically the best choice, especially for outside pots. Most plants do not enjoy an excessively moist environment. Periods of heavy rain can flood plants potted in non-draining planters. Poor drainage can also lead to the root rot and various fungal diseases. Inside, selecting a pot with no drainage is often preferred since it will prevent water from seeping out and damaging floors, furniture or other structures. In this scenario, we recommend adding some gravel to the bottom of the pot–an inch or so will do depending on the scale of the planter. Smaller pots need less, larger need more gravel. The gravel is essentially the drainage for the pot. Once the plant is potted up, a measured amount of water should go in whenever watering the plants. This will prevent overwatering and allow the water to drain down into the gravel area.

What comes first the plant or the pot?

Did you find a fabulous container and need to select the perfect plant to go inside? Do you have a beloved plant that needs a new container or needs more room to grow? This is kind of a chicken vs. egg question. Ultimately, there is no right answer. If you follow the first two questions, you will be in good hands no matter the situation.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed or paralyzed when it comes to choosing potters. The Green Spot is always here for you and can share all the options we have and provide the guidance you need to select the best pottery or plants for your home.

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